Rugila Classification

Classify and tag your files so that your information stays secure within your company.

Our data classification solution Rugila Classification helps companies classify and protect your information. Increase your compliance with ISO27001 Data Security Standard, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Rugila Classification runs on Microsoft Office and Windows and helps you mark your digital assets at various classification levels such as "Internal", "Public", "Confidential", "Financial". With Rugila Classification, you gain awareness about your companies digital assets, and can manage and protect your important data.

Office Classification

Classify and tag your Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents within Office applications, based on automated policies and manual user input

File Classification

Classify, tag your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, image files within Windows Explorer without opening them. Classify automatically, based on predefined policies or manually, based on user input.

Email Classification

Classify your email messages within Outlook. Analyze the classification level of your outgoing email attachments and make sure sensitive data stays within your company.

Classification Policy Manager and Report Generator

Using our web-based easy to use application, determine company wide classification policies, auto-classification rules and generate reports about classification actions of your users

Özellik Listesi

  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Excel) uygulamaları içinde çalışan eklenti
  • Active Directory entegrasyonu

Rugila Discovery

Discover documents with informant and personally identifiable data with Rugila Discovery.

Discover all the files at your companies' drives and shared folders in NAS (network attached storage). Rugila Discovery helps you gain compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001.

Discover all documents

With Rugila Discovery, find all Word, Excel, PowerPoint, text, PDF files containing important data such as SSN, IBAN, credit card.

Scan and Search everywhere

Execute your scans at all network shares, local and remote computers.

Generate reports on your discoveries and manage documents containing important data.

With Rugila Discovery, generate executive summaries and detailed reports about the discovered documents and data within your company.

Rugila Production Manager

Web based project/product/process planning, tracking, recording and reporting solution

With Rugila Production Manager, plan your projects, products and production pipeline. Track what is being done at each step and record observations and measurements. Finally, create a report of the production history, review other process results and maximize productivity at your factory or company.

Plan Your Production Pipeline

With steps customized according to your company, record recipes to follow at each steps. Plan stages and their steps.

Execute the plan and record measurements

Make sure your production pipeline follows the stages and the steps you have planned, and mandatory measurements are taken at each step. Record the execution time of each step for further analysis.

Report and evaluation

Create Word documents or PDF based reports for your completed and aborted processes. Compare the measurements of each step, and create interprocess measurement graphs so that your quality analysis becomes more robust and easier.